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ESG specializes in providing high-end technical consulting for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) seeking to supply new products requiring qualification or upgrade existing product designs to nuclear or extreme/severe accident environment performance requirements. ESG's materials expertise and qualification testing background ensures confidence when undertaking the time-consuming and costly process of nuclear environmental and seismic qualification. While we have experience with a wide variety of products, we have particular expertise in connectors, NEMA and Above NEMA (A-NEMA) motors, cables, relays, electrical distribution, electrical penetration assemblies, ECCS and I&C components. ESG experience includes work as utility direct employees, AE firm employees, regulatory support, test lab engineers, manufacturers of safety-related equipment, and auditors of nuclear programs. Our support efforts span the full product development cycle and include product design, development, prototyping, testing, analysis, sales and marketing.

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What sets us apart?

We don't just execute a test plan - we help you determine exactly what type of testing and what levels to test. We also will identify susceptibilities in the product design or materials to meet your test plan objectives.
ESG understands product development because we have developed products ourselves. ESG principals have lead development efforts in over $200M in products. A typical test lab will simply take a test plan and execute it, even though the test plan may not be well designed for your product or the product application. Our experience in Materials Science, Qualification Testing, and Forensics enables us to identify susceptibilities in the product design that decrease the likelihood of achieving successful test results. We can provide design input to help your product meet the qualification requirements with a minimum of time and difficulty, or provide resolution of design issues for products which are have encountered significant qualification issues in the past. And our extensive experience with EQ enables us to provide a full range of solutions to help you develop your Qualification Programs, including:

We've built, operated, and managed test labs - but we're not a test lab and so are not locked into any one set of lab capabilities and don't offer a one-size-fits-all approach.
At ESG, we recognize that solving problems and getting results is the end objective, and we're not fixed on any one approach. We work with you to find a test solution that gets your product qualified as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. In fact, in those very rare cases where we cannot add value to a potential client, we will simply offer advice and put them in contact with the lab we feel is best positioned to help them.

We don't just know the standards - we're on many of the standards committees and participate in key standards conferences.
Some of the committees on which ESG personnel participate or have participated are: IEEE 317, 323, 334, 344, 383, 572, 650 and 627. We're also intimately familiar with KTA, CSA, IEC, FHA, ASTM, ASME and MIL Standards, as well as all Federal and NRC regulations.

We have expertise in Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Mechanical Engineering.
All of these areas are critical for understanding product qualification and performance, giving us the broadest possible array of capabilities to evaluate and optimize your product. Extensive experience with electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, structural, and digital equipment and virtually all equipment used in nuclear power plants means that we have the knowledge it takes.

We have extensive experience with Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD).
For those situations or applications where procuring qualified parts and materials is not the best or right answer, we can support your needs using Commercial Grade Dedication, including:

We have extensive experience with QA programs.
In addition to our extensive experience with Equipment Qualification (EQ), Seismic Qualification, and Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) we also have experience setting up and maintaining QA programs. We know 10CFR50 Appendix B intimately, as well as NQA-1, so we can support you in developing procedures and processes for an Appendix B program that does what you need it to do. Development of QA Manuals, development of NQA-1 support procedures for your operations, and personnel training are available.

Marketing and technical support
One of the challenges facing manufacturers looking to enter the nuclear product market or for present manufacturers looking to serve the new nuclear plant construction market is determining what the market looks like. Knowing the content of the qualification testing and the required levels to test to for new versus existing facilities requires experience. We have that experience. We know equipment, manufacturers, architect engineering firms, nuclear plant designs, test labs, regulations, codes and standards.

We also support novel non-nuclear technologies and applications.
ESG can also support alternative energy, materials innovations, facility upgrades, toxic waste control, surface coatings, wear resistant coatings, wireless instrumentation, component durability, environmental protection, and green technologies.