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Engineered Solutions Group is composed of three partners with diverse backgrounds and broad industry experience. In addition, our work history has developed extensive contacts with a veritable who's who of the nuclear power industry, enabling us to draw upon subject matter experts in almost any area of nuclear power to augment our capabilities in either manpower or expertise. All ESG partners have engineering or science degrees.


ESG Partners

Rick Easterling: Business and Project Lead
Mr. Easterling has 32 years of project management and sales experience spanning nuclear utility, OEM, and R&D organizations. His experience encompasses nuclear NDE testing, water chemistry control, and cable aging management. He was Program Manager for the EPRI Plant Engineering group which developed aging management (end of life)guides for key equipment, EQ products and programs, cable aging management, and many other plant engineering guidance documents used worldwide. He project managed event recovery on steam generators and several field cable aging assessment efforts in US nuclear plants, including flood recovery. He was active in key industry guidance groups including Equipment Reliability Working Group, Cable Users Group, IEEE 383 (Cable Qualification) Working Group, and ICC working groups. Previous plant experience includes implementation of water chemistry control program support in nuclear power plants and steam generator maintenance and repair program manager for Westinghouse Electric. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering.


Ed Hurley: IT and Corporate Strategy Lead
Mr. Hurley has a diverse background spanning the military, academia, high technology startups, and education. He spent 4 years at MIT Lincoln Labs doing Research and Development in electronics fabrication, fabrication process automation, real-time data collection, database management, data analysis and was co-author of several related papers. He was a Research Specialist at MIT Lab for Computer Science specializing in software development, system and network architecture design, development, and management, human-computer interface (HCI) design, Natural Language interface to the Internet and Relational Databases, and was co-author of several related papers. He was Director of Information Technology for SightPath, responsible for Project Management of all IT projects in support of Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and QA departments. He became an IT Project Manager for Cisco Systems after it acquired SightPath. He has a degree in physics from MIT and served 8 years in US Army Special Forces. He has been an advisor to successful high-tech startups as well as educational institutes.


Bob Minadeo: Technical and Technology Lead
Mr. Minadeo is the developer of numerous products for the nuclear power industry. He has over 34 years of consulting, design, testing and qualification experience spanning the automotive industry, nuclear utilities, qualification test lab and a nuclear products OEM. He is a noted nuclear motor and EQ/Seismic expert. He has degrees in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. He has participated on several IEEE committees including IEEE317, 323, 334, 344, 383, 572, 650, and 627. He was the Principal Engineer and Program Manager for startup of the US Division of Kinectrics (KUS), a nuclear power utility qualification testing laboratory. He was Senior Engineer and Project Manager at Patel Engineers, nuclear engineering EQ consultants and suppliers of equipment to the nuclear industry, where he created, designed, and qualified several types of patented nuclear industry EQ equipment. He was cofounder of EGS Corporation. He developed the EQ engineering field services division (on-site), in-house EQ engineering, and designed/tested/qualified EGS Products. He developed AREVA nuclear motor product lines to provide safety-related motors to the nuclear industry and qualified numerous types of electrical distribution equipment for Class 1E applications. He is a nuclear power plant equipment expert in electrical distribution, ECCS components, I&C components, cables, MOVs, AOVs, motors, transformers, transmitters, radiation monitors, UPS, EDG, and electrical penetrations. He has performed plant electrical, thermodynamic, and radiation calculations, EQ aging/Arrhenius QL calculations, and Qualified Life Extension and Power Uprate. He developed the EQ Program at NPPD Cooper Nuclear Station and performed EQ Engineer duties there from 1985 until 2001.


Additional Subject Matter Experts

In addition to our partners, our extensive industry contacts enable us to pull together project teams to address almost any need or solve almost any problem. Many of our SMEs have 35+ years of experience. Their backgrounds include direct work with Architect Engineering firms developing nuclear power plants, including Westinghouse, General Electric, Babcock and Wilcox, AREVA, Bechtel and United Engineers and Constructors.

We have direct nuclear plant EQ program engineer experience and have developed large numbers of EQ documents for many of the US nuclear plants. ESG’s network personnel have developed Q-Lists, Master Equipment Lists, EQ modifications, EQ maintenance procedures, EQ equipment walk downs, configuration verifications, EQ program design basis documents, procurement reviews, and plant design modifications. We have extensive EQ testing experience as well and are represented on numerous IEEE standards committees.

Our engineering staffs have performed EQ testing and analyses, as well as other activities at Wyle Labs, Patel Engineers, Digital Engineering, EGS, Fulcrum, AREVA, Westinghouse, Duke Energy Services, ARES, Kinectrics, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Bechtel, and numerous nuclear plants around the world. We represent a compilation of the most capable and experienced EQ staff anywhere.